5 Things You Did Not Know About Liverpool

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As the 6th most populous & highly popular city in the UK, many think they know all there is to know about Liverpool! However, we believe that there are many hidden gems about our city that you may not have uncovered yet, so come with us as we explore through unknown Liverpool!

We have put together just 5 things we believe you may not have known about our great maritime city!

Liverpool is the city of pop 2001

5 things you did not know about liverpool

Unsurprisingly Liverpool, already UNESCO City of Music, was crowned the City of Pop in 2001 by the Guiness Book of Records, with the highest number of top chart singles coming from those born and bred within the city!

This goes on to include 17 number one singles from The Beatles, as well 1980’s band Frankie Goes To Hollywood and, more recently, being the birthplace of other Scouse music icons, such as The Wombats.

With such a wealth of music history this city also hosted the 2008 MTV Music Awards, demonstrating the impact and influence that this city has over the international industry even in the present day!

With that in mind, we would recommend taking our Beatles Taxi Tour of Liverpool which will take you to the homes of the Fab 4, as well as other memorable locations such as Penny Lane and Strawberry Field – there you will be able to see and experience the birthplace of the Liverpool music scene (quite literally)! 

The liver birds have names!

Liverpool Insta Tour

The Liver Birds can be considered the symbols of the city, but many are unaware that they have names: Bella and Bertie!

In addition to this, the 18ft statues do much more than just overseeing the city, in fact they are integral to the city of Liverpool functioning as it does. For example, Bella and Bertie face away from each other with Bella overseeing the sea, and Bertie watching out over the city.

Many argue that the birds face away from each other in order to prevent them from mating and flying away from Liverpool, as if this were to happen the banks of the Mersey may burst and flood – meaning that the city would be no more!

Whether you choose to believe this ‘fact of Liverpool’ or not, the Liver Birds are a must visit, and an ideal picture if you want to capture the spirit of the city!

Largest imperial arch in Europe!

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When visiting Liverpool the Imperial Arch in Chinatown is a must see! As the home of the oldest Chinese community in Europe, it seems fitting that the Imperial Arch is also the largest arch outside of China itself.

At 44 foot in height, the arch was gifted to Liverpool from Shanghai in 2000, and is a central feature during Chinese New Year,  which is a fantastic celebration to be a part of if you are lucky enough to be in Liverpool during this time!

Why not explore Chinatown in more depth as part of our Instagram Walking Tour of Liverpool- that way we can help you take pictures that look as grand and breathtaking as the arch itself!


Liverpool Anglican Cathedral on Liverpool Taxi Tour

Scousers are known for doing everything bigger and better, and this saying applies to the architecture in the city too! For example, Liverpool’s Anglican Cathedral is the biggest cathedral in the UK and the fourth largest in Europe! Designed in 1904 by Giles Gilbert Scott, this building has survived two world wars and now sits at St James’ Mount, just a short walk outside of the city centre!

Within the cathedral itself you will be exposed to sensational pieces of art, and relics of the past- we recommend taking a moment to admire the exquisite stained glass windows, especially the Grand West Window by Carl Edwards!

Little factoid on the side, the Anglican Cathedral is the world’s eighth largest church.

And one final point, if you do visit Liverpool, don’t leave out the fabulous Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral only a short walk away!

Liverpool has its own language - Scouse!

5 things you did not know about liverpool

Liverpool is known globally as one of the friendliest cities in the UK, however if you’re visiting the city, it is important that you know how to get by with the locals!

That’s right, many would consider ‘scouse’ to be its own language, with words often taking on new meanings and contexts when in the city!

Take this, you may think that a ‘boss’ is someone you want to avoid whilst on holiday, however when in Liverpool if something is described as ‘boss’ it translates to meaning great, and the sign of a good time!

So, if you want to have a ‘boss’ time in Liverpool and find out all the places to ‘swerve’ why not take a look at the Liverpool Walking Tour, and get to know the city through the eyes of a local!



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